Star Wars: Lost Legend

Crime, greed, and the fugitive it breeds.

Beckay's Story


After a long string of successful smuggling runs, Beckay accidentally found herself in the iron grip of the Galactic Empire. Facing a fight or flight moment between a sentencing, and sweet freedom, Beckay made the call. As an Imperial Corvette began to close in, and the V-Wings left their berth, Beckay threw her credits to the fire and blasted herself off into the Outer Rim. Branded by the Empire as a pirate, a thief, and as WANTED, Beckay began to skirt the lines between the righteous and the lesser.

Over time, Beckay, on the lamb, had to resort to contacts, and the underworld to survive. Straying clear of Imperial worlds ever since her last encounter, Beckay frequented many different shadowports and smuggler havens, however, this eventually lead to Beckay’s bounty to grow as it became harder and harder for Beckay to track considering her unsavory company she would surround herself in to seek out more passive protection. Along the Klatooinian’s journey, she would also found love. True love. A love, for credits. And this led to her return into the game.

Eventually, Beckay found herself on Ord Mantell within the Mid Rim of the galaxy. Believing her near death experiences and close run ins with bounty hunters of all flavors, Beckay hawked her ship on the lawless planet and received passage to a small fort, in an effort to lay low and make some sort of an honest wage. Within the idea that the Bright Jewel capital would be one of the last places a bounty hunter would search, if they couldn’t track her within a major city, the planet was full of ancient forts and abandoned settlements where tracking Beckay would require quite the trapper.

Chapter 1

Part 1:

Beckay, now apart of a group that seeks out a lost legend of a religious congregation within Fort Cerie, finds herself alone on the streets of the age old settlement. Normally a trail that leads to various structures inside of the Fort, it tended to teem with life of adolescents and traversing travelers from laborers to tourists. However, Beckay’s luck she had so long leaned on seemed to have run its course as an Unnamed Rodian and Jarriq, his muscle, finally tracked down their elusive query and approached the smuggler. After a quick exchange of words, Beckay opened fire in hopes of neutralizing the serious threats before her but her wits and quick draw blasting resulted in her untimely apprehension.

Becoming nothing but a paperweight in the bounty hunters’ quest for justice, power, money, or any number of things that would cause someone to fall in line with people hunters, she was dragged about the Fort. Eventually regaining consciousness, she tried to call to her group and then to reason with her captors but they took no risks, and put her back out before she could make another move. Later, her companions would enter a nearly deadly firefight with the bounty hunters that at least for a few moments could have meant certain death for them all. Rallying for their lost friend, the group disposed of the Unnamed Rodian, and sent Jarriq the Nikto into a riveting retreat. Taken to a medical bay, Beckay would recover from her near fatal injuries thanks to her persistent allies. But danger still looms ahead as Jarriq escaped with his life, and Beckay may need to begin counting her days as the only thing worse than a fugitive on the run is a trigger happy fugitive on the run.

Part 2:



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