Star Wars: Lost Legend

Djaunt's Query - Pending

Cargo Run and Apprehension

Symbasa overhears a Nautolan and Human within Toruk’s Tavern and ends up being recruited with his colleagues to join these two in their quest from Djaunt who they met and found delightfully willing to renegotiate the contract he held with both the Human and Nautolan as long as he still got his query, cargo from a recently crashed ship that Djaunt paid top dollar to have a jump on.

Djaunt negotiated contracts for the group, offering them 300 credits per sealed cargo container they can recover as well as anything they would like to have their hands on. The group had accepted and left for Shuttleport Besh for quick passage to the crash site.

On arrival, the group dropped off a kilometer from the crash site and set out on foot. They discovered two salvagers there already and Symbasa took initiative on trying to figure out what was going on. The salvagers, very protective of their find, drew their weapons and demanded the group remain at bay. When suddenly the sound of engines from a distance sounded off, prompting Symbasa to try and negotiate a deal with the salvagers but time was of the essence and Vessisk angrily sought to tear down the scavengers, losing his weapon in the process.

After a heated battle, the group scared away the scavengers and fled into nearby treelines to hide from the new emerging threat. Soon enough, a pair of heavily armored scouts showed up. T’vati Yinn trying to himself scout out this new threat, accidentally gave himself away and caught a sniper blast that sent him down immediately. The group assessed the situation and watched the scouts work. One of these men grabbed T’vati’s incapacitated body and brought it to the downed ship. There they set up an automated heavy turret to secure the makeshift hole of a doorway of the crashed ship as they made their way inside of it to retrieve the cargo. After gathering their query, they took a cargo container back to their transport.

Meanwhile, the group devised a plan to ambush the scouts if they returned. Part of the plan required Becky to form a distraction so that T’vati Yinn could sneak over and manually disable the turret, by using his plasma cutter to cut the wires around the nucleus of the turret’s servo-brain, and remove it from its stature. Success. The Chadra Fan did it. Soon after the group readied a trap for the returning scouts.

When the scouts returned, the group’s plan was foiled when Voarche, their human ally of their new associate Djaunt failed to foresee his Nautolan friend’s anxiety as he jumped the ambush forward by unleashing a volley of Blaster bolts at one of the scouts. After a winded fight, the scout lost their ground until the scout master returned to combat from his perch across the field. The first scout by then was already down, and the second was badly injured. The scout master then single handedly, to a point, began to take out the group little by little. Using his expert talents and heavy military back ground, the scout eventually went down and lost his life after Vessisk stomped him out.

The group, nearly all wiped out, retreated and reformed to eventually bring down the scout master resulting in the group’s reclamation of power over their rough opponents. The group walked away with many nearly dead friends, a vaporized Nautolan, two cargo containers for their quest, new armor and weapons, a on-track transport, and many new things. Symbasa also found a document on the scout master claiming a Mistress from the city of Freelon had hired these few to retrieve these cargo containers for her. What the group does next is still to be determined. Do they break contract with Djaunt and return the cargo to this Mistress, or do they bring them back to Djaunt to put this hectic and stressful mess completely behind them.



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