Star Wars: Lost Legend

Left for dead in betrayal

Venka's Story


Within the Mytaranor Sector lies the Kashyyyk System, where the homeworld of the Trandoshans, Trandosha, thrived. Here, Sector Rangers often deputized groups of mercenaries, notably Humans but also the Trandoshans who worked as guns for hire to help bring down pirates and suspected dissidents in the sector. With the rise of the Empire’s policing of the Mid Rim, Sector Rangers often were delegated to rooting out the smaller outposts and trade unions that operated outside of the law.

One such group that was often deputized by the Sector Rangers, Bhes Nyr and Corso Mon Whir based within the Kashyyyk System, was the Turmoil Troupe; a group of twenty four mismatched species and specialists led by Ghezzle. Venka, a large brute of a Trandoshan was one of these troubadours. Venka was famous for always looking out for his squad, and even commanding when plans didn’t flow the way they were supposed to. Improvisation was usually handled by Venka with his quick thinking and sturdy demeanor that has lead the group to victories when defeat seemed imminent. As large as the marauder is, Venka usually used his core strength to rip enemies apart or subdue opponents as he constantly sharpened and brandished his natural claws.

On a mission divulged by Corso Mon Whir to Ghezzle, the troupe was was split in two to perform their tasks. One small portion of the group led by Ghezzle took to the skies and used their Invader AA-9 Assault Airspeeder to provide air support for the ground group led by Venka. The mission details had the group attack and dismantle an underground trading hub on the moon to Alaris, Alaris Prime. An old Separatist stronghold that was destroyed was reconstructed underground as a trading hub for smugglers and pirates in the sector, Imperial Intelligence found that the hold out was less volatile and more involved with black market dealings that provided foodstuffs to dying worlds and weapons to freedom fighters trying to take their homes back from the Galactic Empire. The blueprints of the stronghold showed a hangar, and two escape routes thus proving the use of an airspeeder to be relevant to take out anyone fleeing while the ground group charged the hub and attempted to facilitate and control. Sector Rangers Bhes and Corso operated a gunboat in orbit of the moon in hopes of catching anyone who got past Ghezzle’s fortification.

Once the plan initiated, the Airspeeder began a bombing run to shake out any of the unsuspecting weak willed traders within the structure. Venka’s group destroyed the main entrance as they began to cut down insurgents one by one. Many ships mid supply gathering, took off in haste, most were either disabled or destroyed on their exit as the airspeeder gunned them down and the remaining were caught by the Sector Rangers and put under arrest. Venka’s squad killed off dozens and arrested even more. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when the Airspeeder turned their weapons back to the trading hub and began a relentless assault against their own. Laser fire reigned down and quickly cutbacks swathe within the group and their captives. Afterwards tanks of smoke and poison were dropped into the facility from the air. Ghezzle then had the speeder drop back down to the surface and journeyed into the base where he and his trusted cabinet, suited in vacuum sealed clad armor, searched out and destroyed everyone on the ground. Luckily for Venka, he was able to escape on foot. Ghezzle noticed the missing Trandoshan and took his group to seek out the survivor. After hours of searching, Ghezzle pronounced him a fugitive of the law to his superiors and officially finished the aforementioned job.

Venka escaped successfully by finding refuge high within a worshyr tree. Framed for the entire operation of the underworld trading hub that had members who always managed to stay ahead of the Empire, Ghezzle set up Venka as the mastermind behind these events. The Trandoshan eventually made it off world when he found an old damaged Confederacy starfighter left over from a previous engagement and sought out a new line of work. Eventually finding himself on Ord Mantell in the background of affairs to maintain a low profile, Venka was not able to cover his tracks well enough and Ghezzle tracked him down to Fort Cerie. Somewhere there, Venka lives, and the loose end could cause trouble for Ghezzle if he ever returned with a vengeance. Will the man hunt Venka down and bring him to justice? Wanted by the Empire as a defective dissident, will Venka be safe anywhere?

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