Aanua Aquala

Aqualish Armorer and Trader




Aanua Aquala is an armorer who founded her trade by passion and created Aanua Aquala’s Armor. Making armor has been a family dynasty for at least a century at this point. Aanua found herself on Ord Mantell strictly because of how many raw resources there are on the planet that it seems downright ridiculous for a crafter to not at least stop by the junkyard planet. Before becoming a trader of armor, she custom crafted her own set many times for her countless missions out in the galaxy as a somewhat feared hunter, a little settled down now after a close call in her last mission, he decided to take a breather and start selling armor to the puny many in the galaxy that would grovel at her feet for another chance at life.

Aanua’s Current Stock:

Aanua Aquala

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