Baen Khe

Gran Merchant




Baen Khe is a Gran tradesman who runs Baen’s Bazaar in Fort Cerie on Ord Mantell. Once a major dealer in the trade game of the planet, after taking a shot at expanding his standing empire of commerce, Baen fell to the temptations of greed and nearly lost it all. In response, the Gran disassembled his team and took on the work for himself instead of delegating below. In addition, Baen hired two bodyguards to keep himself protected. Yearning to reposition himself at the top again, Baen seeks out other ways to regain his fortune. Something specific about Baen that other retailers and traders do not have, is a healthy trade of bustling investments that the Gran can get his hands on. If youre looking for something, and trading is your thing, Baen may have what you’re looking for.

Baen’s Current Supply:

Baen Khe

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