Bothan Scavenger




Djaunt, once a smuggler now scavenger, went from a life of the underworld to respectable. Fearing his actions may result in catastrophe, Djaunt put theif behind him. Now he runs Djaunt’s Djunkyard, a legitimate business on Ord Mantell. He runs a successful freelance scavenging op but has been known to get in touch with old contacts for any number of reasons, sometimes old habits die hard.

After paying top dollar for information on a crashed ship, the Bothan hired Voarche and his old as well as new allies to scavenge specific cargo from the ship, warning them that the longer they take to get the job done, the more likely others will hear about this ship and make their way towards the same cargo. Offering 300 credits to each person per container retrieved, they set out to do the job. With no word yet from the group, Djaunt waits patiently.


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