Malif The Civil

Selkath Doctor




Malif Do’ne is a Selkath doctor who provides aid to anyone he can. Running a clinic on Ord Mantell, Malif began primarily working on and saving civilians on many Mid Rim worlds to remove himself from much of the beauracracy of the Core Worlds but not so far to be at odds with many of the underworld groups that loiter in the Outer Rim. Malif received the prestige and title of The Civil for his expert handling on a Mining disaster on the asteroid Keta Alpha in Bothan space on his last healing expedition.

Malif sells medical aid as well as ways for civilians to help themselves. Malif also offers medical insurance of his own doing. A simple work, essentially every month (4 sessions) you pay him either 400, 600, 1,000, or 5,000 credits, and depending on the tier of insurance you pay for is how much unlimited healing you will receive for the month. 400 grants you his run of the mill medical supplies for healing, once per 3 hours. 600 grants you med pack grade healing, once per 3 hours. 1,000 grants you bacta grade healing, once every 3 hours. 5,000 provides bacta grade healing any time you want it. Bacta grade as well as the bacta tank has a 92% success rate to heal your wounds completely, and 98% to heal your strain completely.

Malif’s Current Supplies:

Malif The Civil

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