Mao'don Sceta

Neimoidian Medical Trader




Mao’don is a trader in Spaceport Cerie within Fort Cerie who owns and operates Mao’don’s Medicine. He has a little kiosk set up, and offers trade for his medical supplies in exchange for goods or credits. Coming from a disgraced family of Trade Federation patriots who later lost the Clone Wars against the Republic, Mao’don has been a traveling merchant for some time, leaving behind all of his grief and misfortune to find his own change of luck in the galaxy. Settled on Ord Mantell, he is far from home, though many of his merchantile practices that he honed in with the Trade Federation and their worlds has stuck to his demeanor and attitude. Known to be a little slippery, Mao’don claims his life’s work is to save all of those who have credits and need it.

Mao’don’s Current Stock:

Mao'don Sceta

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