Raxus The Tracker

Rodian Tracker and Salesman




Raxus The Tracker is a retired stalker and tracker for many associations like The Bounty Hunter’s Guild, Fein Drasco’s Captaincy, Suulo The Hutt’s Ideology on Nar Shadda, as well as many others. Finding himself in need of a steady income with less work and in a medium of ways to teach his life lessons off, Raxus became a trader. Selling goods that many would need in their own tracking efforts in exchange for credits. An agile and knowledgeable sort throughout his life, Raxus can visibly be seen as an anxiety wielder during certain cycles, giving off the idea that maybe there is more to him than a past of adventure.

Well equipped, Raxus sets up a shop in the spaceport of Fort Cerie entitled Raxus The Tracker’s Armory, hoping that like many times before where he found himself on planets like Ord Mantell he would come across other adventurers who yearn for the great journey and in hopes of passing on his wealth of knowledge, is always aiming to help those who share his interests or interests of his past.

Raxus’ Current Stock:

Raxus The Tracker

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