Reinal and Reinol Sin

Sullustan Engineers




A very close knit family, the Sullustan siblings Reinal and Reinol Sin are accomplished mechanics, crafters, traders, and engineers. The two of them build ships from scratch, trying to build more freelance type ships and less of the super structured SoroSuub corporation styles founded on their homeworld of Sullust. Though for a fee, they will rip the schematics and configure a SoroSuub style starship. Not particularly wealthy, they generally are stuck selling chassis’ and blueprints due to ships themselves costing so much and the ships they craft being months and months of work, which is very fast, but they remain focused. The two view their life goals as in line with one another and to build the best ships by the hand that the galaxy has ever seen.

Reinol and Reinal’s Current Stock:

Reinal and Reinol Sin

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