Rusty Friend

Ancient Maintenance Droid



Leg is being worked on. Is missing every finger but a thumb on left hand, every finger but middle finger on right hand. Missing much of the internal parts, mostly around the stomach and hips area. Half of its head is shattered, causing it to fall into a loop or shutter and repeat itself.


Working in an Ordnance Bay on Ord Mantell during the Great Galactic War, Rusty Friend, originially designated LH-0011010011, provided maintenance for other droids in the facility. After the Ordnance Bay was bombed, much of the inner workings and systems were destroyed. Thousands of years later, scavengers have picked out most of the valuable things and junk left behind. And even thousand of years after that, Rusty Friend found new scavengers who didn’t take anything from the Ordnance Bay, but created a safe haven for themselves.

Even after being stripped by a few of the scavengers in the past, the Droid eventually learned to interact with these new salvagers and became one of them, even if he believes that he is superior. After so many bad encounters with organics, Rusty Friend deemed any flesh and blood as weakness.

Rusty Friend

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