Gand Bounty Hunter




An old Gand, highly skilled in various forms of combat and tracking, the Gand Findsman hailing from the Gand homeworld became an infamous hunter in the galaxy. Bringing in many bounties from the Deep Core and the Core worlds, Rypr, an alias, eventually crossed paths with Vessisk, a young but promising Trandoshan hunter, and befriended him.

Together they hunted for years, gathering credits and contacts in their alliance, until Rypr tired of the dangerous trade opened up to his ally and foretold of his retirement. Together they’d complete one more mission. Under contract from Myko The Hutt, they completed their bounty for I’dr Sedd Vood a pirate lord who pillaged Myko’s trade, Rypr in a moment of betrayal, left Vessisk behind trapped within the confines of a cage. Upset beyond belief of his ally’s deception, and for the loss of his Jagganath Points the Trandoshan had earned towards his Scorekeeper deity, Vessisk eventually escaped.

Rypr returned the bounty to a different source than Myko before coming to Myko with a story of how Vessisk betrayed him, took the very same bounty elsewhere, and is the cause for the loss of the Pirate Lord. Traversing into the galaxy, Rypr lost track of Vessisk due to maintaining his own cover. However, Rypr seems to always keep an open eye and ear for his old partner, in hopes to terminate the loose end.


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