Unnamed Rodian and Jarriq

Rodian and Nikto Bounty Hunters




Working for an unknown party, an unnamed Rodian and his partner, Jarriq, hunt the female Smuggler Beckay onto Ord Mantell. Working together as brains and brawn, the hunters seek out Beckay and after a swift blaster exchange, put Beckay out. In am effort to collect on a strict instructive contract to bring Beckay in alive, they are stopped by Beckay’s crew.

The Bounty Hunter’s dispatch the Trandoshan, Venka, before Vessisk destroys the unnamed Rodian. In an effort to stand his ground, Jarriq the Nikto blasts Vaso down. Once both Vessisk, now carrying the Rodian’s blaster carbine, and Symbasa converge and corner the Nikto from escaping with his query, Jarriq struggles with avenging his dead brother and making it out guaranteed alive, choosing the safer route, the Nikto retreats and vows to save his Rodian partner or die trying.

Unnamed Rodian and Jarriq

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