Human Swoop Ganger




Originally from the planet of Taris, Voarche and his Nautolan companion rode together in their Swoop gang amidst Taris’ wastes and small community of underworlders. After the Swoop gang was recruited and then absolved into a much larger gang that focused almost primarily on fighting the oppressive Empire, Voarche and his best mate decided to leave and find their adventure elsewhere.

Voarche found himself and his friend eventually on Ord Mantell after lots of travel. There they wound up broken, beaten, and unfortunately having nothing to show for it. There they hoped to catch a break in Worlport with its gigantic entertainment and tourism districts. Alas, they left with even less than they came with, making their way to Fort Cerie in a desperate action to find work. There they began employ under Djaunt, where they did any jobs he asked.


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