Corellian Armsdealer




Waystar is a Corellian Human found in his shop in Spaceport Cerie within Fort Cerie. Known armsdealer, his shop goes under the name Waystar’s Weapons. Waystar specializes in making you smile and selling you a weapon you probably don’t need. With an armory of available weapons, Waystar practices honest business laced with his own flavor of paranoia. Due to the high risk of selling arms, the Corellian keeps his stock elsewhere, and unloaded display weapons available with fake clips to simulate the proper weight of the weapon when loaded. Usually, Waystar will set up a point nearby within the starport in which you two will meet and make your agreed upon exchange to ensure there is no funny business on either side. Waystar fears he will be one day killed by a weapon he sold.

Waystar’s Current Stock:


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