Wero Qesh

Human Blockade Runner




Wero Qesh is an infamous Smuggler, known for his blockade running and the smuggling of goods and people against Imperial Law. Called a rebel from time to time, some of his ragtag fleet consists of other Imperial “dissidents” and enemies.

Wero offers a job to Symbasa and Vaso, but a problem arises when Symbasa admits the crew does not have a ship. That being said, Wero counters with another offer, one in which he must stick his own neck out for strangers by calling in a shipjacker he knows to trade a favor for a hot ship. But, for Wero to trust the crew, he himself needs a favor. Psylo, a crime lord located in Worlport, the capital city of Ord Mantell, has been causing the blockade runner some trouble and wishes him gone one way or another.

Wero Qesh

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