Star Wars: Lost Legend

Breaking Out the Already Broken - COMPLETED
Wero's Escape

A bounty on his head, Wero Qesh, was caught by Ord Mantell Central Authority and held in their Fort Cerie HQ as they waited to transport him. Ship impounded, crew gone, and spirit crushed, the group found him jailed and in exchange for getting off of Ord Mantell, they would break him out. Calling on mundane memories, Vessisk was able to recall a face within the Fort that might be able to help them, a charming arms dealer who sells top of the line weaponry out of the spaceport named Waystar.

Meeting with him, they convinced him to help them break out the imprisoned smuggler. He, on the house, was able to connect them to expert survivalist, Raxus The Tracker, who lent the group an entrenching tool, climbing gear, a small storage container filled with water, two energy cells, and an adhesive as well as a detailed plan to break him out. After successfully freeing the smuggler through these illegal means, the crew and their new ally fled in their A-19 “Iron Crawler” Armored Transport and destroyed two Panther Police Interceptors and their law appointed handlers before escaping into the Risch Range.

Mother's Lost One - PENDING
Kaminoan Mother on the Ga'vorni Settlement

A Kaminoan mother confronted the group when they entered Ga’vorni Settlement as a wreck. Virtually destroyed and distraught. Sobbing, she gained their attention. Her son, Ashau, has gone missing. They were exploring about an hour away from the settlement, a new spot with caves he told her, alongside his best Savrip friend, Gork. Gork returned, visually unsettled and unable to recollect the traumatizing events, he was unable to explain anything to Ashau’s mother when he returned alone. Stricken with grief, she scared the child with her hysterical behavior. In exchange for her son, she would do her best to grant the group less limited access to the settlement.

Lopsided Trade Connections - PENDING
Baen's Quest

Baen Khe, after making a transaction with the Cathar Symbasa, asked the crew to journey onwards towards a quest on the Gran’s behalf. In exchange for either a permanent 20% discount on his wares, or 2,000 Cr, all he required was a successful trade route between himself and the Trade Master of the Ga’vorni Settlement. After being prodded, he admitted that the deal he was offering the Savrips was majorly lopsided to his favor but still granted them something over the nothing they had, shrouding his greed in well placed intentions. He also admitted his other envoys, once finding this out, opted out of the quest in an effort to retain moral fiber.

Broken homes bring out the best in some.
Symbasa's Story


The Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadda, orbiting the Hutt throne world of Nal Hutta within Hutt Space. The moon is a city world, and has more scum per capita than toxic waste dumps. On the streets, authority is earned through credit and deeds. The Hutts have a gigantic amount of influence and territory here, but other gangs and groups also survive as well. Littered in all forms of work, completely legitimate business is hard to come by as so many of the traders, corporations, and laborers all have some sort of twisted background. Nobody comes to live on Nar Shadda by choice, other than enterprise starters and those looking to sink into danger. Many refugees also live on the moon, displaced by pirates, wars, and failed acts of self preservation.

One such family is a small group of Cathar, displaced for reasons out of their control, Symbasa grew up in the midst of criminal activity beneath his mother and father’s watch. When money became fleeting, Symbasa’s father went out into the galaxy to obtain credits for his family. Over time Symbasa and his mother got by, recieving credits often enough to maintain a lifestyle in the city. However as that time crawled by, Symbasa’s father sent credits and word back less and less frequently, resulting in Symbasa to find work. Not particularly a strong fellow, he found his strength in his charisma and smile, able to get a Toydarian to even offer discounts on foodstuffs and necessities for the family,

Symbasa grew a name for himself as the Silver Tongue. Using his charm to hustle, his knowledge of the streets also helped to factor in much of his success. Seen as lovable by nearly everyone hed come into contact with, the young Cathar garnered no ill will from any of his peers and even gained attention from all sorts of performers and artists due to his high frequency of cantina hopping. Soon enough, Symbasa would become of age in the eyes of the pain givers and pleasure distributors that swarmed most of Nar Shadda. A ladies man, Symbasa was never not involved with someone, and usually it was never just one at a time. Of course, the Cathar didn’t broadcast this, but greatly promiscuous, Symbasa befriended and tended many, many affairs. Enough so that he would sometimes need to talk his way out of a scuffle when the person he’d been sleeping with was actually already betrothed or within the bounds of marriage.

Having a plethora of partners however eventually gave him a bad reputation amongst those he sought comfort from, and grew tired of the same and usual lifestyle. With a yearning for adventure, and his mother’s well being on the line after living in a somewhat abysmal state of life, Symbasa left like his father into the galaxy looking for adventure and a way to give his own mother more than she had. Will Symbasa ever reconnect with his father? Will he do his father one better and maintain a steady flow of income for his family, or will he also lose contact, swallowed by the massive void that is the greater galaxy?

Part 1:

Within Toruk’s Tavern, Symbasa and crew aimed to make some coin by selling a sniper rifle to Baen Khe in his bazaar. Gearing up to trek over towards their destination, a beautiful Zeltron woman entered the cantina. After some quick thinking, the Cathar asked about her to the Twi’lek bartender and paid for some quality information about her. The Zeltron woman was a performer, born here on Ord Mantell, who traveled the galaxy with her band for work and pleasure. Smoothly approaching her, she gave him her name and seemed keen to his advances, until he introduced himself. Immediately flip turning the mood, she said something along the lines of, “I’ve heard of you, and you’re not worth that. I have a career to worry about.” And left in a huff.

Trying to redeem himself from a travesty of a pick up, he tipped the tavern’s current artistic performer, a busty Falleen woman, and she flirted back returning some of his self confidence. Later, on their way to the spaceport, a group had just landed and walked about their way to their respective homes, jobs, cantinas, and whatever else. One of the noteworthy people of the group was another equally attractive Falleen woman. She was moving along, struggling to maintain the multitude of books in her arms.

Swiftly fixing his mane, Symbasa approached the unbalanced woman who just so happened to begin dropping her books, and charmingly caught each book resting it on the last all the while grabbing her with his other arm and keeping her on her feet. Blushing, she began to thank her rescuer when all of a sudden a familiar change in her demeanor struck. “You’re from Nar Shadda, aren’t you? Yes, I can tell by the way Mauri described you.” Gathering her breath, Symbasa looked puzzled, who was Mauri he asked himself.

She continued, “You low life. You’re out here galavanting and traveling the galaxy while Mauri is struggling at home? You should be ashamed of herself.” Still confused, he watched as she walked away, nearly stomping, as he shrugged and looked around, just to find a couple of Bith and a Human obviously laughing at him, brushing it off, the Cathar was quickly turned around before a surprising slap knocked his head around. The green skinned and truly captivating woman then relieved herself of his presence and left.
Curiosity results in many forms of reward...and consequence.
T'vati's Story


The galaxy, ginormous in size is littered in all forms of stellar phenomena from asteroid belts to planetary systems to the dreaded black holes and the nebulae as well as comets shooting across the void at unprecedented speeds. Amidst it all however are secrets both lost and found. Some inhabitants of the galaxy contribute to adding sacred artifacts and tangible cultural relics more and more as time passes and civilizations progress, organizations fade or come to, and galactic wars settle granting the galaxy warlords to worship, altars to praise, and memories to share.

Many places in the galaxy also carry these artifacts that they acquire to showcase in forms of art, boasts of fortune, and fo mere education like the Museum of the Stark Hyperspace War on Coruscant, or the Collection of Tsey Moon, a filthy rich entrepreneur who showcases his ancient art for public viewings on the ocean world of Manaan. These artifacts, relics, and secrets do not walk into facilities lIke these or into the hands of the many collectors of the galaxy. Either upon their own accord, or for direct payment as a way to make a living from the facilities or collectors; archaeologists, treasure hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries go out into the wilderness of space to gather these objects of importance in many different ways from many different places, and due to the low level amount of information, the job can be as deadly as it needs to be. Between artifacts that are protected, to artifacts that are lost in dangerous places, to other treasure seekers simultaneously vying for the same item, of course the job can be short lived.

One such archaeologist, is the ever so tiny T’vati the Chadra Fan. With an unusual upbringing, the man began to seek out ancient secrets and relics unforetold by anyone still living to this day as soon as he was able. Very calculated and to the point, T’vati Yinn suffers from a Chadra Fan attention deficit disorder meaning the Chadra Fan is not only amused by a secret at anytime but not just one or two. Yinn is focusing on as many secrets as deemed worthy.

Over the years, the little man discovered and recovered barrels full of genuine loot. However, due to his focus, the idea of money is a tad abstract. He does not do it for the money like many of his contemporaries, rather instead intrigued by the trillions of secrets in the galaxy. So much so that it’s both an obsession and an addiction. T’vati Yinn benefits himself and does it all for the secrets, without these secrets and the idea of gathering more, the Chadra Fan would be lost. Addicted to the point of feeling physical and mental pain from leaving any stone unturned, T’vati Yinn never makes that mistake. Yinn was last heard of going to the Mid Rim world of Ord Mantell to discover his next vein of possibility, and perhaps more about himself and those who surround him in their true nature as nature permits.

Part 1:

Left for dead in betrayal
Venka's Story


Within the Mytaranor Sector lies the Kashyyyk System, where the homeworld of the Trandoshans, Trandosha, thrived. Here, Sector Rangers often deputized groups of mercenaries, notably Humans but also the Trandoshans who worked as guns for hire to help bring down pirates and suspected dissidents in the sector. With the rise of the Empire’s policing of the Mid Rim, Sector Rangers often were delegated to rooting out the smaller outposts and trade unions that operated outside of the law.

One such group that was often deputized by the Sector Rangers, Bhes Nyr and Corso Mon Whir based within the Kashyyyk System, was the Turmoil Troupe; a group of twenty four mismatched species and specialists led by Ghezzle. Venka, a large brute of a Trandoshan was one of these troubadours. Venka was famous for always looking out for his squad, and even commanding when plans didn’t flow the way they were supposed to. Improvisation was usually handled by Venka with his quick thinking and sturdy demeanor that has lead the group to victories when defeat seemed imminent. As large as the marauder is, Venka usually used his core strength to rip enemies apart or subdue opponents as he constantly sharpened and brandished his natural claws.

On a mission divulged by Corso Mon Whir to Ghezzle, the troupe was was split in two to perform their tasks. One small portion of the group led by Ghezzle took to the skies and used their Invader AA-9 Assault Airspeeder to provide air support for the ground group led by Venka. The mission details had the group attack and dismantle an underground trading hub on the moon to Alaris, Alaris Prime. An old Separatist stronghold that was destroyed was reconstructed underground as a trading hub for smugglers and pirates in the sector, Imperial Intelligence found that the hold out was less volatile and more involved with black market dealings that provided foodstuffs to dying worlds and weapons to freedom fighters trying to take their homes back from the Galactic Empire. The blueprints of the stronghold showed a hangar, and two escape routes thus proving the use of an airspeeder to be relevant to take out anyone fleeing while the ground group charged the hub and attempted to facilitate and control. Sector Rangers Bhes and Corso operated a gunboat in orbit of the moon in hopes of catching anyone who got past Ghezzle’s fortification.

Once the plan initiated, the Airspeeder began a bombing run to shake out any of the unsuspecting weak willed traders within the structure. Venka’s group destroyed the main entrance as they began to cut down insurgents one by one. Many ships mid supply gathering, took off in haste, most were either disabled or destroyed on their exit as the airspeeder gunned them down and the remaining were caught by the Sector Rangers and put under arrest. Venka’s squad killed off dozens and arrested even more. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when the Airspeeder turned their weapons back to the trading hub and began a relentless assault against their own. Laser fire reigned down and quickly cutbacks swathe within the group and their captives. Afterwards tanks of smoke and poison were dropped into the facility from the air. Ghezzle then had the speeder drop back down to the surface and journeyed into the base where he and his trusted cabinet, suited in vacuum sealed clad armor, searched out and destroyed everyone on the ground. Luckily for Venka, he was able to escape on foot. Ghezzle noticed the missing Trandoshan and took his group to seek out the survivor. After hours of searching, Ghezzle pronounced him a fugitive of the law to his superiors and officially finished the aforementioned job.

Venka escaped successfully by finding refuge high within a worshyr tree. Framed for the entire operation of the underworld trading hub that had members who always managed to stay ahead of the Empire, Ghezzle set up Venka as the mastermind behind these events. The Trandoshan eventually made it off world when he found an old damaged Confederacy starfighter left over from a previous engagement and sought out a new line of work. Eventually finding himself on Ord Mantell in the background of affairs to maintain a low profile, Venka was not able to cover his tracks well enough and Ghezzle tracked him down to Fort Cerie. Somewhere there, Venka lives, and the loose end could cause trouble for Ghezzle if he ever returned with a vengeance. Will the man hunt Venka down and bring him to justice? Wanted by the Empire as a defective dissident, will Venka be safe anywhere?

Part 1:

Sometimes power is derived from a lust to conquer weakness.
Vaso's Story


The Jedi of the Republic now gone, were said to be the guardians of peace and the deliverers of justice. However, when a plot to dethrone the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic was unveiled, the Jedi were branded as traitors to democracy and held immense power that would be used to dominate the known galaxy. Because of this, the Chancellor executed Order 66 to the Clone Armies of the Republic, and saw to the destruction of the Jedi Order. Occurrences across the galaxy set waves of change as the Jedi were all but destroyed from within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to the thousands of Jedi spread across many worlds, space stations, and everything in between.

Vosa, a Zabrak Jedi Padawan accompanied his Zabrak Jedi Master Dothrak Hy’dothrak to the Halla Sector to lead an invasion against Separatist forces on the graveyard world of Boz Pity within the Boz Pity system of the Mid Rim. Gaining much ground, the Jedi led the clones to a triumphant victory after the next. After a crippling blow from the CIS that disfigured the Republic supply lines on the planet, Vosa was commanded by his master to lead a group of clones away from the moving body of Republic warriors and recapture the supply lines in a tactical effort to barrage the Separatist forces while recovering losses. After a heated battle, Vosa and his troops became victorious and nearly single handedly became responsible for securing the take over of Boz Pity for the Republic. However, during the Battle of Boz Pity, essentially the final stand for Separatist forces, the Republic took many losses and Vosa was recalled to the line of battle.

Separatist corvettes reigned heavy turbo laser fire down on Republic vehicles, and the staging camp for the Separatist carried more defensive turrets and artillery than Republic Intelligence had relayed to the Jedi General. As Vosa returned, he watched as his master and his forces pushed and continued to gain ground at high cost. Vosa saw a way to sneakily get around the Separatist forces and flank some of the turret’s along the Western Ridge, aiding his allies immensely and so he commanded his troopers to enter the battle while he stealthed his way through forest and swamp. After successfully dispatching many of the turret’s and their unsuspecting droid commanders, he hoped to have caught his masters attention and recognition. By now the Republic gained more and more ground and the Navy overhead sent the Separatist ships in full retreat. When seeking his master out from the midst of the carnage, he watched as the Zabrak General dispatched the droid opponents by the dozen.

Ready to return to the major battle and aid his master in the inevitable victory of the CIS Boz Pity, from afar on approach he watched as the Clone troopers his master commanded had turned on him and shot him down from behind before he could even retaliate with his own weapon. Horrified, Vosa felt a great disturbance in the Force as his master died and everything he knew and grew to love withered simultaneously.

Since then, Vosa aimed to become more powerful and to name not the Clone troopers as his enemies but the state of weakness itself. Vowing to overcome this feeling of loss, Vosa fled and found refuge amidst the criminals and outcasts of the Outer Rim Territories, performing odd jobs to put food in his belly and to never relive the traumatic experiences of being a Jedi in war again.

Part 1:

Steadily treading alongside his group on their A-19 “Iron Crawler” Armored Transport throughout Ord Mantell‘s terrain, fleeing from Fort Cerie, Vaso caught a glimpse into a vision. The vision recapped the Zabrak’s view of his masters undoing, however, from another’s perspective which left him with a lingering question: who is this Unknown Twi’lek Jedi?

Ripped off, wronged, and Rypr.
Vessisk's Story


A young Trandoshan, destroyer of his clutch, Vessisk an enlarged collection of scales made a name for himself in the game of hunting. Born to seek and destroy, Vessisk is a walking arsenal of fury. Becoming more than your average bounty collector, the Trandoshan started hunting violent criminals out of the gate. Forming bonds with bondsmen, and relationships with dictatorships, Vessisk quickly became a name in the game. Eventually finding himself a bit stifled, maybe even bored with some of the easier targets, the Trandoshan found an ally to help him achieve more Jagganath Points than any other Trandoshan he associated himself with. This ally was a skilled Gand Findsman named Rypr.

Vessisk and Rypr worked for a plethora of employers from Black Sun to sects of Swoop gangers looking to compensate the duo for the destruction of their rivals to even anonymous leads who paid in hard currency untraceable for even the quirkiest of slicers and black marketeers. Working jobs from the The Colonies on planets like Cato Neimoidia to The Outer Rim on planets like Tatooine to The Deep Core on planets like Empress Teta and everything in between. Some of the notable employers they handled jobs for were leaders like Vigo Salla Qeth of the Feghr Tribe, a lower level (geographically) Swoop Bike Gang on Coruscant, Yon Lok Delkins a noble and accountant who lives a double life as a crime lord for the Onderonian underworld, and most recently Myko The Hutt of Nar Shadda.

However, Rypr growing old in age, confessed his disdain for the hunt to his Trandoshan companion after doing it for so long and seeing how many lives he affected, and promised one last big score to put them both out of the game for quite sometime. Vessisk, nearly only beginning his own journey agreed to this and even saw him doing it as a favor to his old partner in hopes to appease him and maintain his current flow of bounties and credits once the aged man retired, granting Vessisk even more money and Jagganath Points than he had ever seen previously. While completing their last job for the stocky Hutt to apprehend I’dr Sedd Voor, a Duros Pirate Lord who’s been plundering and pillaging Myko’s transports near Klatooine, Rypr betrayed Vessisk, and trapped him in a force cage aboard the Duros’ capital vessel as he left with the Pirate Lord in chains, and his crew decimated by the two. Rypr didnt return I’dr to Myko and instead brought him elsewhere, later going to Myko and deceiving the Hutt explaining that Vessisk betrayed Rypr and took Voor elsewhere. Myko believed him, and since then Vessisk has done everything he could to avoid a confrontation with Myko, knowing Rypr is still out there. Thus causing Vessisk to ditch his old life, and seek anew on the Mid Rim world of Ord Mantell.

Chapter 1

Part 1:

Vessisk, now part of a group who seeks out an ancient lost legend told in song and dance by the Covenant of Rais Zell, turned away from his job of honest labor slaving over a furnace when enjoying a break in The Ransomed Rancor. Hearing the tale of the lost legend resparked Vessisk’s intrigue in his relationship with the Scorekeeper, and after losing all of his points in his betrayal from Rypr, found his dedication within himself and the bloodthirst he had painstakingly misplaced had returned with curiosity and large weapons.

After searching for aid, seeking information on bounties, and planning major progressions for his group and himself, Vessisk was tipped off by Toruk Ghand about a couple of Rodians he overheard talking about him. The Trandoshan eventually crossed paths with these two, and after paying them 25 credits, received the information that Rypr has recently been making inquiries through contacts about Vessisk, and that he should watch his back because Myko The Hutt believes he is entitled to 10,000 credits that Vessisk seemingly cheated him out of. Danger looms ahead, what might Myko do if he was to find Vessisk? As noteworthy as Hutts are for their sheer size, irrevocable demeanor, and gluttonous greed, they’re also known for their empires and ruthless mentality to snuff out those who do them wrong.

Crime, greed, and the fugitive it breeds.
Beckay's Story


After a long string of successful smuggling runs, Beckay accidentally found herself in the iron grip of the Galactic Empire. Facing a fight or flight moment between a sentencing, and sweet freedom, Beckay made the call. As an Imperial Corvette began to close in, and the V-Wings left their berth, Beckay threw her credits to the fire and blasted herself off into the Outer Rim. Branded by the Empire as a pirate, a thief, and as WANTED, Beckay began to skirt the lines between the righteous and the lesser.

Over time, Beckay, on the lamb, had to resort to contacts, and the underworld to survive. Straying clear of Imperial worlds ever since her last encounter, Beckay frequented many different shadowports and smuggler havens, however, this eventually lead to Beckay’s bounty to grow as it became harder and harder for Beckay to track considering her unsavory company she would surround herself in to seek out more passive protection. Along the Klatooinian’s journey, she would also found love. True love. A love, for credits. And this led to her return into the game.

Eventually, Beckay found herself on Ord Mantell within the Mid Rim of the galaxy. Believing her near death experiences and close run ins with bounty hunters of all flavors, Beckay hawked her ship on the lawless planet and received passage to a small fort, in an effort to lay low and make some sort of an honest wage. Within the idea that the Bright Jewel capital would be one of the last places a bounty hunter would search, if they couldn’t track her within a major city, the planet was full of ancient forts and abandoned settlements where tracking Beckay would require quite the trapper.

Chapter 1

Part 1:

Beckay, now apart of a group that seeks out a lost legend of a religious congregation within Fort Cerie, finds herself alone on the streets of the age old settlement. Normally a trail that leads to various structures inside of the Fort, it tended to teem with life of adolescents and traversing travelers from laborers to tourists. However, Beckay’s luck she had so long leaned on seemed to have run its course as an Unnamed Rodian and Jarriq, his muscle, finally tracked down their elusive query and approached the smuggler. After a quick exchange of words, Beckay opened fire in hopes of neutralizing the serious threats before her but her wits and quick draw blasting resulted in her untimely apprehension.

Becoming nothing but a paperweight in the bounty hunters’ quest for justice, power, money, or any number of things that would cause someone to fall in line with people hunters, she was dragged about the Fort. Eventually regaining consciousness, she tried to call to her group and then to reason with her captors but they took no risks, and put her back out before she could make another move. Later, her companions would enter a nearly deadly firefight with the bounty hunters that at least for a few moments could have meant certain death for them all. Rallying for their lost friend, the group disposed of the Unnamed Rodian, and sent Jarriq the Nikto into a riveting retreat. Taken to a medical bay, Beckay would recover from her near fatal injuries thanks to her persistent allies. But danger still looms ahead as Jarriq escaped with his life, and Beckay may need to begin counting her days as the only thing worse than a fugitive on the run is a trigger happy fugitive on the run.

Part 2:

Djaunt's Query - Pending
Cargo Run and Apprehension

Symbasa overhears a Nautolan and Human within Toruk’s Tavern and ends up being recruited with his colleagues to join these two in their quest from Djaunt who they met and found delightfully willing to renegotiate the contract he held with both the Human and Nautolan as long as he still got his query, cargo from a recently crashed ship that Djaunt paid top dollar to have a jump on.

Djaunt negotiated contracts for the group, offering them 300 credits per sealed cargo container they can recover as well as anything they would like to have their hands on. The group had accepted and left for Shuttleport Besh for quick passage to the crash site.

On arrival, the group dropped off a kilometer from the crash site and set out on foot. They discovered two salvagers there already and Symbasa took initiative on trying to figure out what was going on. The salvagers, very protective of their find, drew their weapons and demanded the group remain at bay. When suddenly the sound of engines from a distance sounded off, prompting Symbasa to try and negotiate a deal with the salvagers but time was of the essence and Vessisk angrily sought to tear down the scavengers, losing his weapon in the process.

After a heated battle, the group scared away the scavengers and fled into nearby treelines to hide from the new emerging threat. Soon enough, a pair of heavily armored scouts showed up. T’vati Yinn trying to himself scout out this new threat, accidentally gave himself away and caught a sniper blast that sent him down immediately. The group assessed the situation and watched the scouts work. One of these men grabbed T’vati’s incapacitated body and brought it to the downed ship. There they set up an automated heavy turret to secure the makeshift hole of a doorway of the crashed ship as they made their way inside of it to retrieve the cargo. After gathering their query, they took a cargo container back to their transport.

Meanwhile, the group devised a plan to ambush the scouts if they returned. Part of the plan required Becky to form a distraction so that T’vati Yinn could sneak over and manually disable the turret, by using his plasma cutter to cut the wires around the nucleus of the turret’s servo-brain, and remove it from its stature. Success. The Chadra Fan did it. Soon after the group readied a trap for the returning scouts.

When the scouts returned, the group’s plan was foiled when Voarche, their human ally of their new associate Djaunt failed to foresee his Nautolan friend’s anxiety as he jumped the ambush forward by unleashing a volley of Blaster bolts at one of the scouts. After a winded fight, the scout lost their ground until the scout master returned to combat from his perch across the field. The first scout by then was already down, and the second was badly injured. The scout master then single handedly, to a point, began to take out the group little by little. Using his expert talents and heavy military back ground, the scout eventually went down and lost his life after Vessisk stomped him out.

The group, nearly all wiped out, retreated and reformed to eventually bring down the scout master resulting in the group’s reclamation of power over their rough opponents. The group walked away with many nearly dead friends, a vaporized Nautolan, two cargo containers for their quest, new armor and weapons, a on-track transport, and many new things. Symbasa also found a document on the scout master claiming a Mistress from the city of Freelon had hired these few to retrieve these cargo containers for her. What the group does next is still to be determined. Do they break contract with Djaunt and return the cargo to this Mistress, or do they bring them back to Djaunt to put this hectic and stressful mess completely behind them.


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