Fort Cerie


The Fort is essentially a small town who focuses on the age-old junk to process, clean, retrofit, and craft in order to trade them for credits and necessary resources they cannot find near their settlement. The town hosts The Ransomed Rancor, a cantina and entertainment center for those of the Fort. The Dwelling, which is the housing and residential district of the Fort. A small time casino which routes some tourism into the Fort for passerby’s who need a break from their journeys and hyperspace sequences called The Cached Credit. The Fort also teams with two shuttleports, designated Shuttleport Aurek and Shuttleport Besh, for interplanetary travel, and a three bay spaceport named Spaceport Cerie for intergalactic travel. The Fort is also home to very few hotels for those passerbys and even recreational areas for gardening, sports, and the youth. Food is generally founded in the cantina as well as the casino. The staples of the Fort generally put strictly food places out of business due to the convenience that comes with the food being founded in the cantinas and casinos.

Spaceport Cerie:


Spaceport Cerie is the sole starport of the Fort, one of seven on the continent, officially. The starport is the largest structure in the Fort itself. Inside it is full of advertisements, terminals, merchants, employees, and wanderers. The customs officials here are commissioned by the Ord Mantell Central Authority as well as most of the management staff. There is a terminal for ingoing and outgoing vessels, as well as an area where you can buy tickets for transportation. There are 3 docking bays with 2 levels within each. Commander Phish is in charge of the spaceport. The rates for passage are as follows:

To Worlport: 150 Cr
To any spaceport along the Celanon Spur or Entralla Route: 600 Cr
To any spaceport in the Mid Rim: 1,000 Cr
To any spaceport in the galaxy: 5,000 Cr

Hotel Savrip:


The hotel is named after the native species to Ord Mantell, the Mantellian Savrip. It is a large structure, extremely vertical, and is only used by those passing through the Fort for entertainment, a place to pass the time by visiting the cantina or the casino when it was open for business. Never full, the hotel has potential for growth if they could maintain a high volume.

Djaunt’s Djunkyard:


Djaunt’s Djunkyard is run by the famous Djaunt. A Scavenger gone respectable, which is a term used by many of the underground to those who begin to deal with legal tender and leave the edge of their seats alone. The Djunkyard is a freelance business, local, and has their own work force to apprehend, manipulate, and retrofit junk from across the region of the planet. Sales area in the front, the back is used for many different work purposes.

The Dwelling:


The Dwelling is the living structure in which all of the residents of the Fort reside. The small base of the structure is not to be underestimated for The Dwelling hosts 147 levels, each holding two rooms or a lavish suite (for those who can afford it) on each of those floors. The Dwelling, at its base retains a sort of lounge / office area for those wishing to move the entirety of their lives to Fort Cerie as well as a place to find temporary refuge if a problem was to ever arise. The Dwelling’s entry floor also boasts three fast moving elevators that work to get citizens to and from their floors as quick as possible, due to the small nature of the square footage per floor, each floor carries an abundance of fire retardant and suppressive materials to contain any outbreaks of flame as well as having shuttle support from the local Shuttleports to act as a fire escape for anyone in harm’s way. A government official manages The Dwelling to ensure the people of Fort Cerie keep up with their payments and receive the full extent of Ord Mantell’s hospitality to refugees and colonists.

The Ransomed Rancor:


The Ransomed Rancor is the cantina of Fort Cerie and is normally full of song and dance, though galactic touring musicians and dancers hit the cantina during Ord Mantell circuits but in the Fort, its usual night of entertainment consists of spritual rituals and ceremonial celebrations from the Covenant of Rais Zell followers. Many tourists stop by just to get a night’s worth of entertainment from the local culture.

The Cached Credit:


The once teeming casino that it was is now no more. The building still stands even to this day, but is only a hulking structure of what it was once. Struggling to remain a constant within the Fort, there are those who wish to bring it back to its once glorified infrastructure under new management, however funds seem to get tied up as frequently now as they have ever in the casino’s brightest days. There seems to be a contracted Corellian company under the name of Weltesser Conglomerate that have been through the appraisal processes and have even gone through government officials to legally become the sole contractors to bring The Cached Credit to its once grand reputation. The government has provided two guards who stay inside to keep prying eyes out of the way so that the Weltesser Company may perform their contracted duties without media or civilian intervention.

Town Hall:


Abandoned and severely damaged, the town hall was used as a staging ground for local politics and a way to be around your fellow community but years back a fire engulfed and destroyed everything within the structure. At this time, the Covenant began to arrive and soon enough constructed their Shul of Rais Zell which replaced the town hall in practical usage. The town hall building still stands, but its internal components are all destroyed.



The Refinery is a multi-level, mostly encompassed underground facility to refine what junk can be melted down and turned into other projects. Many of the citizens of the Fort who can handle the heat work here. There is a desk upon entrance for those who seek information, though it is normally unmanned due to the lack of visitors. A handful of employees work on the first level, and the rest work down below. Conveyor belts cycle new junk in throughout the facility so that it all gets melted down. There are mainly three jobs here to do, someone who sorts the junk, a Sorter, is there to maintain a steady flow as well as remove any obstructions or harmful materials that may get in the way of the snatcher. The Snatcher is someone who grabs the junk and maintains a steady flow of materials that enter the mouth of the forge. The Smelter is the one who handles the materials that come into the forge and ensure they melt appropriately as well as remove anything that is either heat resistant or poisonous. The Smelter requires a species that can breathe in the toxins with ease or someone who can wear a breath mask for hours on end. The Smelter then takes what is smelted down and pours it into a central vat that each Smelter collects and is later taken by the Sorters and Snatchers at the end of the shift to an even larger central vat on another level where the melted junk churns together and becomes repurposed by other Smelters.

Shul of Rais Zell:


Originally constructed when the Covenant of Rais Zell began to populate and migrate to the Fort from an unknown area prior. It is used as a central hub for all followers and prospects. A very sacred place, any sort of sacrilege or defacement of the structure results in immediate public execution.

The Fort’s Streets:


Relatively safe, nothing but younger adolescents really hang out on the streets and even then they are mainly keeping to themselves. Random junk can be found along the way but it’s usually worthless. Traveling within the Fort is all done by foot travel or land transport.

Baen’s Bazaar:


Baen, the Gran merchant, runs a bazaar where he trades with other forts and cities on Ord Mantell, rarely trading within the Fort unless youve got the coin. Where other merchants might trade you good for good, Baen only deals in credits. Recently he has expressed interest in developing free trade with the native Mantellian Savrip of the planet. After undergoing much renovation, a multi-platform team was dismissed from duty and in place Baen has hired two bodyguards to keep him safe as his trade empire falls. The bazaar has shelves of items on reserve or for sale, and essentially houses a sole desk with a window on the ceiling to let in light to his relatively dim den.

Malif’s Medicinal:


Malif runs the Medical Bay of the fort. Most major facilities you’d find on a core world medical facility can be found here, for a price. Running a fairly affordable system, Malif has become a sole proprietor of medical work and patching. The medical bay has a hatch that opens in the ceiling for emergency hospitalization. With a small area for waiting and check ins, the rest of the bay carries a medical workbench, stretchers with the proper systems, and bacta tanks for the wealthy and more serious injuries. Through the facility, Malif runs an insurance system as well. Unlike other medical insurances, this is a home brewed system.

Toruk’s Tavern:


Toruk settled a tavern here on the Fort after a brief stint in the Fort’s history of stunted tourism due to visitor complaints and eventual lack of presence to avoid the Fort’s exotic culture. Toruk saw a business opportunity and hoped to bring back tourism to the Fort by offering a run of the mill cantina with the added flare of a larger stage for musicians, dancers, and artists. The cantina holds many, many seats, and bears side rooms explicitly for business meetings and any backdoor dealings as long as you can pay for the commodity. Toruk also offers VIP access for a price that grants unlimited food and drink as well as private entertainment.

Rolin’s Repairs:


The sole Repair Bay of the Fort, Rolin runs a tight ship of employees who help him serve many mechanical entities from all over the planet. In the southern hemisphere of the continent, Rolin runs the largest and most profitable establishment garnering even regional attention on the Galactic scale. The repair bay sells equipment for you to do it yourself as well as offers training for those who wish to learn. Aside from repairing vehicles and ships, they also minor in droid repair whenever available.

Shuttleport Aurek:


Two Duros brothers by the names Dobo and Obo Azi run the Shuttleport with no other personnel. The bay holds 5 different landing pads, and they only deal with cargo and trade ships, through contract. The Shuttleport has a small area in the entrance for general public but it stays relatively empty due to the lack of passenger liners and travel lines available. They are indifferent towards Zahu of Shuttleport Besh.

Shuttleport Besh:


A Zabrak named Zahu runs the shuttleport with his Aqualish bodyguard, Daunn. The shuttleports employees are all basic droids under command of Zahu. They provide cheaper labor and get the job done. The Shuttleport has 3 landing pads though one is under maintenance. A smaller transport is docked at all times at the Shuttleport to provide any emergency aid for the Fort. Shuttleport Besh primarily deals with travel, and Zahu has shown large jealousy and malice toward the Azi brothers for their monetary success. Zahu also has prices for transport.

Addict’s Den as part of the destroyed Ordnance Bay in the Fort.

Fort Cerie

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