Hyperspace Route

This is a log of the five most famous Hyperspace Routes used every day by hundreds of thousands to millions of beings to make their travels safer in ways as well as regulated in others.

Hyperspace Routes are used for the efficiency as well as for their general safety. With the threat of catapulting your own ship into a black hole or supernova, these trade routes are the main highways for ships to reach one side of the galaxy to the other without the chance of death looming overhead.

Rimma Trade Route


The Rimma Trade Route was one of the major routes that crossed the galaxy. It started at Abregado-rae in the Core Worlds, and went all the way to the Kathol sector in the far reaches of the Outer Rim Territories.

An important branch of the Rimma, the Shapani Bypass, grew increasingly important in later years, and some considered it part of the Rimma for all practical purposes.

Another branch, which was a continuation of the Rimma, was the Trition Trade Route. The Trition began at Karideph and continued on into the Kathol sector.

Corellian Run


The Corellian Run was one of the largest hyperspace routes running through the galaxy, mapped between 25,000 BBY and 24,000 BBY. It contributed in making Corellia an economic superpower. Corellians held substantial power in the sectors around it.


It began at Coruscant, going around the Deep Core while passing through Ixtlar, Wukkar, Kailor V, Xorth, Vuma, Leria Kerlsil, Perma, Lolnar, Rehemsa, Sedratis and Rydonni Prime, to reach Corellia, where the Corellian Trade Spine branched off. From Corellia, it proceeded to Tinnel IV, its final stop in the Core Worlds before it traversed the other major regions of the galaxy.

In the Colonies it passed through Loronar, Byblos, Pencael IV and Havricus.

In the Inner Rim it passed through Iseno, Denon (where it crossed with the Hydian Way) and Spirana.

In the Expansion Region it passed through Rhommamool, Tlactehon, Allanteen, Gamor, Milagro and Thaere.

In the Mid Rim it passed through New Cov, Doldur, Druckenwell, Kabray, Algara II, Andosha II, Mon Gazza, Herdessa and Radnor.

In the Outer Rim it passed through Christophsis, Arkanis, Gorno, Dalchon, Ryloth, Wrea and Smuggler’s Run. It ended near the distant Outer Rim worlds of Naos and Lamaredd.

It also ran near Goorla in the Core Worlds, Bacrana in the Expansion Region and Monor, Paqwepor, Falleen, Leritor and Habassa in the Mid Rim and also near Shimia in the Outer Rim Territories.

A branch of the Corellian Run, in its outer reaches, went near the Lamaro system. When Outer Rim Oreworks settled Lamaredd, they took steps so that this ramification stopped being widely used.

Hydian Way


Beginning at the Outer Rim world of Bonadan, the Hydian Way led past Bandomeer and Taris to Bogden in the Inner Rim. Just after intersection with the Perlemian Trade Route at Brentaal, one of the Core Worlds, the Corellian Run was connected near Caamas. The Hydian Way then went by Alderaan and Rendili, to cross the Corellian Run again, this time at Inner Rim world Denon. It continued near Derra IV in the Expansion Region and Malastare in the Mid Rim, crossing Rimma Trade Route at Eriadu, and ended in the Outer Rim, close to Polis Massa and Subterrel.

Perlemian Trade Route


The Perlemian Trade Route, originally known as The Axis, was a vital trade super-hyperroute that ran through the galaxy. Along with the Corellian Run, it was one of the two routes that made up the border of The Slice. It was founded c. 25,000 BBY, linking the young Galactic Republic with Ossus. The route took its name from the Perlemia system, located in the Core Worlds, which in its early history produced the thousands of scout vessels that charted the route.

It began at Coruscant and passed the worlds of Anaxes, Corulag, Brentaal IV, Carida, Nak Shimor, Taanab, Kulthis, Sorjus, Vaynai, Columex, and Estaria. Beyond Estaria and the Tion Cluster the route became known as the Far Perlemian, and passed through Makem Te, Ter Abbes, and terminated just past Quermia. The Perlemian also passed the Roche asteroid field, The Wheel, and the Cron Drift.

Corellian Trade Spine


The Corellian Trade Spine was a major trade route. It began at Corellia and headed towards the edge of the galaxy, in the direction of Duro. It passed Devaron and Bestine IV before intersecting the Rimma Trade Route at Yag’Dhul. As it continued it passed through the Greater Javin region of space (which contains the Ison Corridor) before intersecting the Hydian Way and exiting into open inter-galactic space.

Hyperspace Route

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