Star Wars: Lost Legend

Curiosity results in many forms of reward...and consequence.

T'vati's Story


The galaxy, ginormous in size is littered in all forms of stellar phenomena from asteroid belts to planetary systems to the dreaded black holes and the nebulae as well as comets shooting across the void at unprecedented speeds. Amidst it all however are secrets both lost and found. Some inhabitants of the galaxy contribute to adding sacred artifacts and tangible cultural relics more and more as time passes and civilizations progress, organizations fade or come to, and galactic wars settle granting the galaxy warlords to worship, altars to praise, and memories to share.

Many places in the galaxy also carry these artifacts that they acquire to showcase in forms of art, boasts of fortune, and fo mere education like the Museum of the Stark Hyperspace War on Coruscant, or the Collection of Tsey Moon, a filthy rich entrepreneur who showcases his ancient art for public viewings on the ocean world of Manaan. These artifacts, relics, and secrets do not walk into facilities lIke these or into the hands of the many collectors of the galaxy. Either upon their own accord, or for direct payment as a way to make a living from the facilities or collectors; archaeologists, treasure hunters, smugglers, and mercenaries go out into the wilderness of space to gather these objects of importance in many different ways from many different places, and due to the low level amount of information, the job can be as deadly as it needs to be. Between artifacts that are protected, to artifacts that are lost in dangerous places, to other treasure seekers simultaneously vying for the same item, of course the job can be short lived.

One such archaeologist, is the ever so tiny T’vati the Chadra Fan. With an unusual upbringing, the man began to seek out ancient secrets and relics unforetold by anyone still living to this day as soon as he was able. Very calculated and to the point, T’vati Yinn suffers from a Chadra Fan attention deficit disorder meaning the Chadra Fan is not only amused by a secret at anytime but not just one or two. Yinn is focusing on as many secrets as deemed worthy.

Over the years, the little man discovered and recovered barrels full of genuine loot. However, due to his focus, the idea of money is a tad abstract. He does not do it for the money like many of his contemporaries, rather instead intrigued by the trillions of secrets in the galaxy. So much so that it’s both an obsession and an addiction. T’vati Yinn benefits himself and does it all for the secrets, without these secrets and the idea of gathering more, the Chadra Fan would be lost. Addicted to the point of feeling physical and mental pain from leaving any stone unturned, T’vati Yinn never makes that mistake. Yinn was last heard of going to the Mid Rim world of Ord Mantell to discover his next vein of possibility, and perhaps more about himself and those who surround him in their true nature as nature permits.

Part 1:



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