Star Wars: Lost Legend

Ord Mantell Bounty: Ghent - Active

3,000 Cr - Dead ONLY


A bounty is placed by the Ord Mantell Central Authority for multiple counts of murder, assault, thievery, obstruction of justice, and many many other laws. Assembling a group of stone cold murderers, Ghent sets up a base just north of Fort Cerie, east of the Risch Range, west of Fort Garnik, and south of Worlport.

Ghent himself is wanted for 3,000 credits and has a reputation of evading or destroying every hunter who has come his way. Infamous for his ways of entrapping trade caravans as well as shooting down low altitude cargo ships in transit, Ghent also has a knack for hunting alone. To make a game out of existing, Ghent occasionally takes prisoners only to let them escape so he may hunt them before fortune smiles down on the runaways.



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