Star Wars: Lost Legend

Redemption - FAILED

Covenant of Rais Zell Quest

A member of the Covenant of Rais Zell admits there is something the Covenant needs, explaining that they are only as strong as their weakest of links and that one man in particular has been on a path of redemption for 12 years straight. If the crew could strengthen him and gain his trust as well as return him to a place of personal power, the Covenant may look upon the group with more open of arms. However, when the group decided that wearing a stolen robe that beared the mark of the Unmentionable (Shadow Council)s, and tried to goad the man into speech within the sacred hall, retaliation followed swiftly as the man became encompassed in fear and stabbed his own brain with a vibroknife in order to get away. Believing that this may be exactly what the Covenant was looking for, they were gravely mistaken when the original cultist exclaimed the words, “You have failed!”



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