Star Wars: Lost Legend

Ripped off, wronged, and Rypr.

Vessisk's Story


A young Trandoshan, destroyer of his clutch, Vessisk an enlarged collection of scales made a name for himself in the game of hunting. Born to seek and destroy, Vessisk is a walking arsenal of fury. Becoming more than your average bounty collector, the Trandoshan started hunting violent criminals out of the gate. Forming bonds with bondsmen, and relationships with dictatorships, Vessisk quickly became a name in the game. Eventually finding himself a bit stifled, maybe even bored with some of the easier targets, the Trandoshan found an ally to help him achieve more Jagganath Points than any other Trandoshan he associated himself with. This ally was a skilled Gand Findsman named Rypr.

Vessisk and Rypr worked for a plethora of employers from Black Sun to sects of Swoop gangers looking to compensate the duo for the destruction of their rivals to even anonymous leads who paid in hard currency untraceable for even the quirkiest of slicers and black marketeers. Working jobs from the The Colonies on planets like Cato Neimoidia to The Outer Rim on planets like Tatooine to The Deep Core on planets like Empress Teta and everything in between. Some of the notable employers they handled jobs for were leaders like Vigo Salla Qeth of the Feghr Tribe, a lower level (geographically) Swoop Bike Gang on Coruscant, Yon Lok Delkins a noble and accountant who lives a double life as a crime lord for the Onderonian underworld, and most recently Myko The Hutt of Nar Shadda.

However, Rypr growing old in age, confessed his disdain for the hunt to his Trandoshan companion after doing it for so long and seeing how many lives he affected, and promised one last big score to put them both out of the game for quite sometime. Vessisk, nearly only beginning his own journey agreed to this and even saw him doing it as a favor to his old partner in hopes to appease him and maintain his current flow of bounties and credits once the aged man retired, granting Vessisk even more money and Jagganath Points than he had ever seen previously. While completing their last job for the stocky Hutt to apprehend I’dr Sedd Voor, a Duros Pirate Lord who’s been plundering and pillaging Myko’s transports near Klatooine, Rypr betrayed Vessisk, and trapped him in a force cage aboard the Duros’ capital vessel as he left with the Pirate Lord in chains, and his crew decimated by the two. Rypr didnt return I’dr to Myko and instead brought him elsewhere, later going to Myko and deceiving the Hutt explaining that Vessisk betrayed Rypr and took Voor elsewhere. Myko believed him, and since then Vessisk has done everything he could to avoid a confrontation with Myko, knowing Rypr is still out there. Thus causing Vessisk to ditch his old life, and seek anew on the Mid Rim world of Ord Mantell.

Chapter 1

Part 1:

Vessisk, now part of a group who seeks out an ancient lost legend told in song and dance by the Covenant of Rais Zell, turned away from his job of honest labor slaving over a furnace when enjoying a break in The Ransomed Rancor. Hearing the tale of the lost legend resparked Vessisk’s intrigue in his relationship with the Scorekeeper, and after losing all of his points in his betrayal from Rypr, found his dedication within himself and the bloodthirst he had painstakingly misplaced had returned with curiosity and large weapons.

After searching for aid, seeking information on bounties, and planning major progressions for his group and himself, Vessisk was tipped off by Toruk Ghand about a couple of Rodians he overheard talking about him. The Trandoshan eventually crossed paths with these two, and after paying them 25 credits, received the information that Rypr has recently been making inquiries through contacts about Vessisk, and that he should watch his back because Myko The Hutt believes he is entitled to 10,000 credits that Vessisk seemingly cheated him out of. Danger looms ahead, what might Myko do if he was to find Vessisk? As noteworthy as Hutts are for their sheer size, irrevocable demeanor, and gluttonous greed, they’re also known for their empires and ruthless mentality to snuff out those who do them wrong.



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