Star Wars: Lost Legend

Breaking Out the Already Broken - COMPLETED

Wero's Escape

A bounty on his head, Wero Qesh, was caught by Ord Mantell Central Authority and held in their Fort Cerie HQ as they waited to transport him. Ship impounded, crew gone, and spirit crushed, the group found him jailed and in exchange for getting off of Ord Mantell, they would break him out. Calling on mundane memories, Vessisk was able to recall a face within the Fort that might be able to help them, a charming arms dealer who sells top of the line weaponry out of the spaceport named Waystar.

Meeting with him, they convinced him to help them break out the imprisoned smuggler. He, on the house, was able to connect them to expert survivalist, Raxus The Tracker, who lent the group an entrenching tool, climbing gear, a small storage container filled with water, two energy cells, and an adhesive as well as a detailed plan to break him out. After successfully freeing the smuggler through these illegal means, the crew and their new ally fled in their A-19 “Iron Crawler” Armored Transport and destroyed two Panther Police Interceptors and their law appointed handlers before escaping into the Risch Range.



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