Star Wars: Lost Legend

Broken homes bring out the best in some.

Symbasa's Story


The Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadda, orbiting the Hutt throne world of Nal Hutta within Hutt Space. The moon is a city world, and has more scum per capita than toxic waste dumps. On the streets, authority is earned through credit and deeds. The Hutts have a gigantic amount of influence and territory here, but other gangs and groups also survive as well. Littered in all forms of work, completely legitimate business is hard to come by as so many of the traders, corporations, and laborers all have some sort of twisted background. Nobody comes to live on Nar Shadda by choice, other than enterprise starters and those looking to sink into danger. Many refugees also live on the moon, displaced by pirates, wars, and failed acts of self preservation.

One such family is a small group of Cathar, displaced for reasons out of their control, Symbasa grew up in the midst of criminal activity beneath his mother and father’s watch. When money became fleeting, Symbasa’s father went out into the galaxy to obtain credits for his family. Over time Symbasa and his mother got by, recieving credits often enough to maintain a lifestyle in the city. However as that time crawled by, Symbasa’s father sent credits and word back less and less frequently, resulting in Symbasa to find work. Not particularly a strong fellow, he found his strength in his charisma and smile, able to get a Toydarian to even offer discounts on foodstuffs and necessities for the family,

Symbasa grew a name for himself as the Silver Tongue. Using his charm to hustle, his knowledge of the streets also helped to factor in much of his success. Seen as lovable by nearly everyone hed come into contact with, the young Cathar garnered no ill will from any of his peers and even gained attention from all sorts of performers and artists due to his high frequency of cantina hopping. Soon enough, Symbasa would become of age in the eyes of the pain givers and pleasure distributors that swarmed most of Nar Shadda. A ladies man, Symbasa was never not involved with someone, and usually it was never just one at a time. Of course, the Cathar didn’t broadcast this, but greatly promiscuous, Symbasa befriended and tended many, many affairs. Enough so that he would sometimes need to talk his way out of a scuffle when the person he’d been sleeping with was actually already betrothed or within the bounds of marriage.

Having a plethora of partners however eventually gave him a bad reputation amongst those he sought comfort from, and grew tired of the same and usual lifestyle. With a yearning for adventure, and his mother’s well being on the line after living in a somewhat abysmal state of life, Symbasa left like his father into the galaxy looking for adventure and a way to give his own mother more than she had. Will Symbasa ever reconnect with his father? Will he do his father one better and maintain a steady flow of income for his family, or will he also lose contact, swallowed by the massive void that is the greater galaxy?

Part 1:

Within Toruk’s Tavern, Symbasa and crew aimed to make some coin by selling a sniper rifle to Baen Khe in his bazaar. Gearing up to trek over towards their destination, a beautiful Zeltron woman entered the cantina. After some quick thinking, the Cathar asked about her to the Twi’lek bartender and paid for some quality information about her. The Zeltron woman was a performer, born here on Ord Mantell, who traveled the galaxy with her band for work and pleasure. Smoothly approaching her, she gave him her name and seemed keen to his advances, until he introduced himself. Immediately flip turning the mood, she said something along the lines of, “I’ve heard of you, and you’re not worth that. I have a career to worry about.” And left in a huff.

Trying to redeem himself from a travesty of a pick up, he tipped the tavern’s current artistic performer, a busty Falleen woman, and she flirted back returning some of his self confidence. Later, on their way to the spaceport, a group had just landed and walked about their way to their respective homes, jobs, cantinas, and whatever else. One of the noteworthy people of the group was another equally attractive Falleen woman. She was moving along, struggling to maintain the multitude of books in her arms.

Swiftly fixing his mane, Symbasa approached the unbalanced woman who just so happened to begin dropping her books, and charmingly caught each book resting it on the last all the while grabbing her with his other arm and keeping her on her feet. Blushing, she began to thank her rescuer when all of a sudden a familiar change in her demeanor struck. “You’re from Nar Shadda, aren’t you? Yes, I can tell by the way Mauri described you.” Gathering her breath, Symbasa looked puzzled, who was Mauri he asked himself.

She continued, “You low life. You’re out here galavanting and traveling the galaxy while Mauri is struggling at home? You should be ashamed of herself.” Still confused, he watched as she walked away, nearly stomping, as he shrugged and looked around, just to find a couple of Bith and a Human obviously laughing at him, brushing it off, the Cathar was quickly turned around before a surprising slap knocked his head around. The green skinned and truly captivating woman then relieved herself of his presence and left.



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