Star Wars: Lost Legend

Sometimes power is derived from a lust to conquer weakness.

Vaso's Story


The Jedi of the Republic now gone, were said to be the guardians of peace and the deliverers of justice. However, when a plot to dethrone the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic was unveiled, the Jedi were branded as traitors to democracy and held immense power that would be used to dominate the known galaxy. Because of this, the Chancellor executed Order 66 to the Clone Armies of the Republic, and saw to the destruction of the Jedi Order. Occurrences across the galaxy set waves of change as the Jedi were all but destroyed from within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to the thousands of Jedi spread across many worlds, space stations, and everything in between.

Vosa, a Zabrak Jedi Padawan accompanied his Zabrak Jedi Master Dothrak Hy’dothrak to the Halla Sector to lead an invasion against Separatist forces on the graveyard world of Boz Pity within the Boz Pity system of the Mid Rim. Gaining much ground, the Jedi led the clones to a triumphant victory after the next. After a crippling blow from the CIS that disfigured the Republic supply lines on the planet, Vosa was commanded by his master to lead a group of clones away from the moving body of Republic warriors and recapture the supply lines in a tactical effort to barrage the Separatist forces while recovering losses. After a heated battle, Vosa and his troops became victorious and nearly single handedly became responsible for securing the take over of Boz Pity for the Republic. However, during the Battle of Boz Pity, essentially the final stand for Separatist forces, the Republic took many losses and Vosa was recalled to the line of battle.

Separatist corvettes reigned heavy turbo laser fire down on Republic vehicles, and the staging camp for the Separatist carried more defensive turrets and artillery than Republic Intelligence had relayed to the Jedi General. As Vosa returned, he watched as his master and his forces pushed and continued to gain ground at high cost. Vosa saw a way to sneakily get around the Separatist forces and flank some of the turret’s along the Western Ridge, aiding his allies immensely and so he commanded his troopers to enter the battle while he stealthed his way through forest and swamp. After successfully dispatching many of the turret’s and their unsuspecting droid commanders, he hoped to have caught his masters attention and recognition. By now the Republic gained more and more ground and the Navy overhead sent the Separatist ships in full retreat. When seeking his master out from the midst of the carnage, he watched as the Zabrak General dispatched the droid opponents by the dozen.

Ready to return to the major battle and aid his master in the inevitable victory of the CIS Boz Pity, from afar on approach he watched as the Clone troopers his master commanded had turned on him and shot him down from behind before he could even retaliate with his own weapon. Horrified, Vosa felt a great disturbance in the Force as his master died and everything he knew and grew to love withered simultaneously.

Since then, Vosa aimed to become more powerful and to name not the Clone troopers as his enemies but the state of weakness itself. Vowing to overcome this feeling of loss, Vosa fled and found refuge amidst the criminals and outcasts of the Outer Rim Territories, performing odd jobs to put food in his belly and to never relive the traumatic experiences of being a Jedi in war again.

Part 1:

Steadily treading alongside his group on their A-19 “Iron Crawler” Armored Transport throughout Ord Mantell‘s terrain, fleeing from Fort Cerie, Vaso caught a glimpse into a vision. The vision recapped the Zabrak’s view of his masters undoing, however, from another’s perspective which left him with a lingering question: who is this Unknown Twi’lek Jedi?



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